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Modern society relies on a huge quantity of polymeric materials, spanning from those used in common products, such as textile, packaging, household and automotive components, to those applied for more sophisticated uses in healthcare and electronics. Today, these polymers are still almost exclusively based on fossil resources; nevertheless, growing attention is being focused on polymers derived from renewable resources. The transformation towards a sustainable model society is one of the major challenges facing decision-makers, science, industry and society itself.


The POLYGREEN directly addresses the presented issue by undertaking research and innovations towards replacement of petrochemical raw materials with rapidly renewable and biobased feedstock in the production of high value green products, i.e., unsaturated polyester resins (UPR). Thus, the overall objective is to demonstrate that sustainability and efficiency of unsaturated polyester technology could be achieved by introducing bio-based building blocks and environmentally benign synthetic routs in order to produce commercially competitive UPRs with a very low carbon footprint impact.